Thursday Doors: Florida

Florida Doors

Cool door to a bar/restaurant that is decorated differently every holiday in Delray Beach
One of the best Cafes in Key West
A door to a special place – a turtle rescue center in the Florida Keys
Fort Jefferson is a coastal fort in Key West. It it the largest brick masonry structure in the Americas.
Key West has some of the most vibrant buildings and doors

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  1. These are fabulous doors. I live the first door and the cafe. The masonry fort looks substantial. And Marquesa wins with operable arched shutters. I agree that the turtle rescue is pretty special. Great doors all around.

    I hope you have a great weekend.

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    1. Thanks for your really kind words Dan! You described the doors really well, better than me. 😂 I hope you enjoy your weekend as well, we sure will enjoying the sunshine down here in Florida! 🌞

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