CBWC: Looking Through or Into a Window


CBWC: Looking Through or Into a Window

Here is our post for this weeks challenge - Cee's Looking through or Into a Window in black and white, desaturated, sepia (brown tones) or selective color.

This was all part of our seven-month journey around the world in 2018. To see more about this trip check it out here.

Click on the links below to see more stunning sights in each of the respective countries.

Looking out towards the magical North Sea outside of a cabin on the island of Hidra, Norway
Tasman Glacier Heli-Hike in Mount Cook, New Zealand
Picturesque aerial view from the Cesna of the gorgeous island – Flores, Guatemala
Bedside window view of our charming private bungalow overlooking Arenal Lago (Lake Arenal) and Volcán Arenal (Volcano Arenal) in La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Looking at the 1,729 foot uphill landing strip we are heading towards at Lukla Airport, Nepal (one of the World’s Most Dangerous Airports)
View from the exclusive Yoga Forest looking out towards the volcano at Lake Atitlán, Guatemala
Panoramic city view from a window of the 16th-century Catedral de Granada, in Granada, Central America
Share your thoughts on these beautiful views from in or outside windows.



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