Stairway to Heaven/Haiku Stairs

A compilation of jaw-dropping, incredible views

Yes, between the deep plunging valleys is the route

Not going to lie, early on in the hike, our feet got soaking wet from the streams of water we did not expect.🙄 I remember us both saying, “Is this how it’s going to be? Awesome. Wet feet. Perfect”. For those that don’t know me, I hate wet clothes on a dry body, so you could image my thoughts on the matter.

On the journey ahead, always remember to look back
Pretty neat split tree along the route
Captured by our awesome adventurist friend Jamie
The clouds started rolling in

We eventually reached an old satellite station that would have capabilities to transmit signals to submarines from as far as Hawai’i to Tokyo Harbor.

We were very happy to get into our snacks after making it to the top
Clouds rolled in but we enjoyed the rest
We made it – Stairway to Heaven
Pure joy as we hit the first set of the Haiku Stairs
We had to head back the same way we came
A wonderful view on the way back down as the clouds and rain are lifted
The flora was an added treat to the already beautiful scenery
The winding paths
After 8 hours of climbing, wading through streams of water, marching through muddy paths it all came to an end

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