Challenge Your Camera: #4 Churches: Granada, Nicaragua

Cathedral Hopping and City Strolling

The first day we got into the city, we walked around Central Plaza, which provided us a perfect backdrop of the city’s enriched life. As you can see, there are plenty of eye-pleasing churches and charmingly painted buildings around every corner.

Cathedral of Granada (Catedral de Granada)

The Catedral de Granada is one of the most charming churches of Granada, not to mention it was first built in 1583! The Catedral is hard to miss as it lies in the city’s main plaza of Parque Central and welcomes you with it’s bright yellow hue.

This 16th-century church also contains a bell tower where you can climb a narrow spiral staircase to get the best panoramic views over the city.

From within the staircase windows you can see Lago Cocibolca (the largest freshwater lake in Central America) in the near distance.

For these spectacular views and a small calf workout, it will set you back a pretty dollar…$1USD
Iglesia la Merced

We stumbled upon this impressive weathered 16th-century Baroque church that was originally built in 1534. The bell tower is climbable ($1USD) and (supposedly) has comparable (if not better) panoramic views of the cityscape.

Iglesia Xalteva

An elegant old church that has been restored since being destroyed during the Civil War. The Baroque-style church of Iglesia de Xalteva is said to house some beautiful woodwork that may be worth a visit.

Chapel Maria Auxiliadora

This towering church was incredible to look at from the outside alone. We stood here in pure awe just marveling at its unique blue and white trimmed façade. Regretfully, we did not have a chance to visit inside. Supposedly, there is an elaborate wooden alter and a lavishly decorated interior that is a sight to see. Beautiful inside and out.

It’s a short walking trip to visit all of these churches as mapped out below.

Challenge Your Camera


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