LAPC #161 – Feet and Shoes


Feet and Shoes Challenge

This post is thanks to Ann-Christine’s Lens-Artists Challenge– and her topic this week is Feet and Shoes. I never thought I would dedicate a post to just feet and shoes, this was quite the feat. Heh.

This was all part of our seven-month journey around the world in 2018. To see more about this trip check it out here.

Click on the links below to see more stunning sights in each of the respective countries.
When trekking in the remote mountains of the Himalayas, baby wipes are KEY to staying fresh (Dingoche, Nepal)
Feet with no shoes is best (North Whitehaven Beach, Australia)
Koala feet are the cutest (Magnetic Island, Australia)
My feet are happiest at the beach, especially at North Whitehaven Beach, Australia
Check out these baby turtle feet (Magnetic Island, Australia)
No shoes allowed at this Nepalese restaurant in Kathmandu, Nepal
Whitsundays, Australia has some of the finest white sand in the world, so fine you can exfoliate your feet with it

Shoes are always to be removed in the temples of Thailand, even if you’re in a rustic temple in the jungles of Krabi, Thailand
One of the most uncomfortable pair of shoes – rock-climbing shoes – they jam your toes but are worth it (Railay Beach, Thailand)
Flippers! What a great invention. (Koh Tao, Thailand)
I felt like a gymnast “point your toes”! The glorious islands of Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
Spiked shoes! Crampons are awesome when walking on glaciers in Mount Cook, Zealand
Share your thoughts with us! Which were your favorite/interesting pair of feet? (ours was the Koala). We dare you to "KICK" up some fun and share your photos on this feet-filled fun! 

We leave you with a final thought- Remember to never test how deep the water is with both feet.


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