Thursday Doors: Flores, Guatemala

The Vibrant City of Flores

This island was the start of our seven-month journey around the world which we began here in Flores. To see more about this trip check it out here.

Flores is located in Guatemala’s northern region and is known as the Gateway to the Mayan Ruins. It is a vibrant island full of adventure, with a Mayan civilization just a boat ride away. The buildings and doors are painted in colorful pastels and even the old tattered buildings have a historic charm to them. Be sure to visit our post on Flores, Guatemala if you like what you see here.

The streets are adorned with colorful buildings and doors, with coastline views
The bright doors on the garden level at Los Amigos Hostel in Flores
I always love this shade of blue on anything
Through these doors of Doña Goya restaurant you are presented with lovely lake views
Each door has its own personality, we love perusing the streets
A wooden door on the top floor of our hostel – Los Amigos Hostel
Clever bathroom signage is one of our favorite things to photograph around the world
Here in Flores, they have a good sense of humor of whit
The pleasant purple and white on this building gives off a calming feeling
The door to our first hostel we ever stayed at together – Los Amigos Hostel

Follow our leader, Dan, to see doors from all over the world, or add your doors too, look HERE!

JOIN IN ON A "DOORSCUSION" WITH US AND SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS. Did you enjoy a walk through a history of doors? Which was your favorite door? You can also add your doors too. We will be sure to follow along. Leave a comment.


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