Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #164 – Looking Up/Down


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #164 – Looking Up/Down

This post is thanks to Ann-Christine's Lens-Artists Photo Challenge  – Looking Up/Down.

Click on the links below to see more stunning sights in each of the respective countries.

Looking up (and through a telescope) we discovered this sloth very high up in the trees in Costa Rica
Looking down at an elevation of 5,360 meters (17,585 feet) at the wondrous Gokyo Lakes on Gokyo Ri in Nepal
Looking down into the volcanic caldera at the summit of “Mount Doom” (Lord the Rings fans) in Taupo, New Zealand
“Don’t look down”, during white-river rafting in Rotorua, New Zealand
If we hadn’t looked down, we would’ve stepped on this lemon shark in Whitsunday Islands/ Airlie Beach, Australia
Looking up we discovered this adorable koala in the wild in Magnetic Island, Australia
Looking up towards the heavens at the soaring steps to (Wat Arun) in Bangkok, Thailand
Looking down while we were cliff jumping from 30 feet in O’ahu, Hawai’i
Share your thoughts with us! What have you discovered when looking up or down? 


    1. Hi Julie. That’s too bad,😑 but common. Sloths are so elusive! They are high up in the tree tops. We went to a biological reserve and hired a natural guide and he had a telescope, he was so great! Make sure you check out our blog post on Costa Rica and you can find out how hopefully you can see one next time!! 🤗


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